Success Stories

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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueNeighaNeigha (Nee-ya) is a sweet red merle mini that is good with kids,cats & dogs. She is very affectionate & gentle, knows basic commands & uses a dog door. She is good on a leash. She sometimes gets overwhelmed with too much excitement from other dogs so would be good withless active dogs Adopted 7/16/17 Neigha was adopted by a nice family wanting to add a new fur friend. She now has a new fur brother.
RescueMaddieMaddie is a mini red tri Aussie ready to find her forever home. She's house trained, crate trained, and knows a dog door. She walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. She's fairly active, does well with other dogs and is good with kids. She gets shy with new people but warms up quickly.Adopted 7/18/17 Maddie was adopted by a nice family looking to add a new friend. She also now has a new big fur brother.
RescueFoxieFoxie is a "friend" we're not sure of her heritage. Pretty & petite at fifteen pounds, she will melt your heart, she has the sweetest soul. She adores cuddles & spending time with her people. She is truly a refined & charming little companion. Crate trained, knows a doggie door, housebroken. Adopted 7/7/17 Foxie was adopted by a nice lady looking for a new best friend to enjoy walks with her and her new friends.
RescueDeziDezi is a very sweet boy likes to snuggle & play. He can be a little skittish at first with new people & experiences. He loves walks & needs someone to keep exposing him to new sights & sounds. Dog-door trained & walks well on a leash, good with other dogs & cats. Crate & house trained. Adopted 6/25/17 Dezi was adopted by a nice man and his 3 yr old husky, so he will have a new playmate and they have plans for all going camping together.
RescueZanderZander likes playing ball, loves toys, but really wants to be your companion, is super sweet & calm. He's still shy with new people & cautious in new environments but will continue to come out of his shell given time. Good with dogs, cats, birds, house trained, crates well & knows a doggy door. Adopted 6/24/17 Zander was adopted by a nice lady and now lives in Tucson with her and has a new fur brother to play with.
RescueMelMel is a nice boy, a little shy of new situations but once he gets to know you he is a sweetheart. He likes to play ball & has a favorite one. He is good with other dogs. Walks on a leash, will crate & knows a doggie door. He just needs someone to continue taking him place to build his confidence.Adopted 6/6/17 Mel was adopted by a nice couple looking to add a new buddy to their family, they are retired so have lots of time to spend with him.
RescueLizzieLizzie is a sweet girl just a little shy when she first meets you, she has to get to know you to trust you. She likes being around other dogs & playing. She does walk on a leash & it would be good for her to go for walks to help her socialization. She will crate & knows a doggie door, housebroken.Adopted 6/24/17 Lizzie was adopted by former adopters of Badger, so now she has him as a big brother to play with as she joins her new family.
RescueDiceDice is a sweet puppy just a little shy until he gets to know you. He just needs to trust you, he does good on walks & that helps him. He likes other dogs & playing with them, also loves playing in the water. He is crate trained & mostly housebroken. Needs a family that will keep socializing him.Adopted 7/2/17 Dice was adopted by a nice family with two other dogs and two kids so he will get lots of attention and have the dogs to play with.
RescueJrJr is a nice boy a little shy at first but good with everyone & other dogs. He could use some more socialization out away from home. Older kids would be better for him. He does walk on a leash & it would be good for him to get regular walks. Is housebroken, knows a doggie door & is crate trained.Adopted 4/22/17 Jr was adopted by a nice couple that also has a younger lab so he now has a new little brother. He will get to go hiking, camping and hunting with them.
RescueMattieMattie is a nice girl but needs time to warm up and get to know you, she will be stand offish at first but then loves to be petted. She is good with other dogs. She knows sit and walks on a leash. She is housebroken, knows a doggie door & will crate it. Older kids would be better for her. Adopted 5/21/17 Mattie was adopted by a nice couple looking for another Aussie to join their family, she now has a new older brother to play with.
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