Success Stories

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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueTobyToby is a nice boy that likes to run and play with toys & loves to have your attention. He can also be a be cuddler. He would be a great buddy dog & would love to do things with you like walking or hiking. He is still young so could still use obedience training but he is not high energy. Adopted 12/10/21 Toby has been officially by his new family and now has a new fur sister to play with.
RescueScarlettScarlett is a sweet girl but shy at first until she gets to know you. She loves to be petted and just need someone that will go slow with her at first. She is good with other dogs. Older kids would be better for her. She is housebroken, crate trained & knows a doggie door. She likes rides in the carAdopted 12/6/21 Scarlett was adopted by a nice lady that also has another Aussie for her to play with. She will also continue to work on her socialization.
RescueJakeJake wants to be an only dog and soak up all your attention. He is affectionate and has great house manners. He is working on weight loss but loves treats for obedience and toys. Crate trained, housebroke, knows a dog door. Older kids would be better for him. Adopted 11/13/21 Jake was adopted by a nice guy and his brother that wanted a new best friend to join their family full of love. Jake took right to them. :)
RescueDieselIf you want an athletic dog that can keep up with you & LOVES fetch, he is your dream dog. He will need a home that is aware of his need for exercise, training, & less treats. He is a bundle of enthusiasm so a family with adults or older children is suitable. Crate trained, housetrained & dog door.Adopted 12/12/21 Diesel was adopted by a nice guy that was looking for a new best friend to do things with him. Also his family has adopted another dog from us so he will have a buddy at times.
RescueCopperCopper is not just a pretty face. He loves going on walks, going places with you and is a complete cuddle bug. Great with people, dogs, and cats. Would be a great new best friend to join a family that will give him attention and include him in activities. He is crate, leash trained and Housebroken.Adopted 11/13/21 Copper was adopted by past adopters that had adopted Odie so now he will have a new friend to play with.
RescueJasperJasper is a sweet and very high energy boy that needs a active family that will include him in their activities and since he is still a big puppy work on his training. He is good with everyone, loves playing with dogs and toys. He's housebroken, knows a doggie door and crate trained. No Apartments. Adoption 12/1/21 Jasper was adopted by a nice couple that has another young dog that they really wanted to have a buddy for so now they can have fun playing together and going out on walks and hikes as a family. :)
RescueMaxMax has not met a person or dog he doesn’t like. He’s an exuberant, fun, happy, handsome dog that loves to play ball, go for walks or runs, and loves to learn. Best if placed with a young dog playmate. He does need a fenced yard. He is housebroken and crate trained. Adopted 10/18/21 Max was adopted by a nice couple looking for a new best friend to join their family.
RescueDellaDella is a sweet girl good with everyone. Likes other dogs. She is housebroken, crate trained and knows a doggie door. She is on medicine for Valley Fever for now her titer is low so will need to be checked again soon to see if she can come off the meds. Adopted 10/31/21 Della was adopted by a nice family with kids and a fur brother that she can play with. She loved the kids.
RescueMasonMason is 48 lbs of sweet devotion. He loves other dogs and hasn't met a stranger yet. Mason is athletic, loves treats, and attention. He is good on walks and needs more training, he loves to learn new skills. Crate trained. knows a dog door. No apartments, NO CATS Adopted 10/23/21 Mason was adopted by a couple that our past adopters of our rescue, he has now joined their Aussie family.
RescueKuiilKuiil is a sweet, very high energy pup. Loves playing with other dogs and toys. He needs a active family that will do things with him or give him a job. He would love hiking or biking with you. Knows sit but still learning things. Crate trained, housebroken, knows a doggie door. No small kids or AptAdopted 9/16/21 Kuiil was adopted by a nice family and now has a big sibling sister to learn from and horses to keep a eye on.
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