Aussies For Adoption

There may be more dogs to adopt! If available, be sure to click the page number hyperlinks at the bottom to see more.

Case # NameAgeSexDescription 
2016-81RescuePeter2MalePeter is a sweet boy, likes to play with any other dogs & to play with toys. He is still a puppy so learning new things everyday, he needs rules to follow & would do best with a family that has other dogs. He is good with kids but older kids best. Housebroken, uses a doggie door, crate trained. Details
2017-54RescueAsher7MaleAsher is a nice boy, likes everyone, needs to be introduce to other dogs for him to be comfortable, best as only dog. Loves playing ball & toys, is active. He knows basic commands but needs rules & someone that understands the herding breed to be pack leader. Housebroken & will crate. Older kids Details
2019-10RescueJack1MaleJack is a very active 1 yr old mini He is good with everyone & loves playing with other dogs but can play rough. He plays with toys & needs a family that will do things with him and exercise him. He would do good at dog sports. He is housebroken, knows a doggie door & crate trained. No apartments Details
2019-18RescueWinnie8FemaleWinnie is a very sweet girl likes everyone and is good with other dogs and cats. She is over weight so on a diet. She likes going for walks or just hanging out with you, great companion dog. She is a very nice dog. She is housebroken, knows a doggie door. She walks nice on a leash. Details
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