Aussies For Adoption

There may be more dogs to adopt! If available, be sure to click the page number hyperlinks at the bottom to see more.

Case # NameAgeSexDescription 
2014-86RescueCruz1.6MaleCruz is a sweet boy that is shy until he knows & trust you, we have worked to build his confidence & he has come out of his shell, still needs more socialization out in the world. He is good with everyone & likes playing with other dogs. Needs work on leash, is housebroken, crates, uses doggie door Details
2015-07RescueWoody4MaleWoody is a sweet guy that came to us with a injured eye & 2 broken teeth, the eye & teeth had to be removed. He did have a couple of seizures so he was put on phenobarbital & has not had them since. He is good with everyone, other dogs & cats. Good on leash, housebroken, will crate. Funny boy :) Details
2015-16RescueEllie4FemaleEllie is a cute small girl. She does not like to be touched but likes people around her. She will follow you & is interested in activities. Is good with other dogs. She needs a family that will continue to work on her socialization, older kids better. Housebroken, crate trained, know a doggie door. Details
2015-30RescueOso7MaleOso is looking for someone to be his new buddy he came to us because his owner passed away. He's a nice boy, would do good as a family dog, older kids as he needs to get to know you. Would love to go for walks, he is good on a leash. Is good with other dogs, no cats. Is housebroken & crate trained. Details
2015-46RescueMissy3FemaleMissy is a sweet girl that is good with everyone & would make a great buddy. She is a dominate female with other dogs & has a high herding drive so she needs to be the only dog & no cats. She is smart & likes to play ball or stick with you & loves going for walks. She is housebroken, crate trained. Details
2015-55RescueZoie7FemaleZoie is a sweet girl that will lock into her person once she knows you. She was a emotional support dog for her past owner. She's shy with strangers & could you some more socialization away from home. She is a great buddy dog. She is housebroken, crate trained, knows a doggie door. Knows basics. Details
2015-57RescueSammy7MaleSammy is a super nice boy, loves everyone and is good with other dogs. He likes playing with them and has started playing with toys. He knows basic commands but does need some work on the leash he likes to pull. He loves going for walks. He is housebroken, crated trained and knows a doggie door. Details
2015-61RescueBuster7MaleBuster is the sweetest boy ever, very easy going. He loves everyone and is good with other dogs. He would make a great family dog. He would love to go for walks or camping whatever the family does. He is good on leash, knows sit. He is housebroken and knows a doggie door, also crate trained. Details
2015-63RescueFranky1FemaleFranky is a very sweet little girl, she loves everyone and is good with other dogs. She came to us with a hurt paw and is know healed and ready to go. She is feeling more playful now and still has some puppy in her. She plays with socks, likes going for walks. She is housebroken and crate trained. Details
2016-07RescueMaisie1FemaleMaisie is a nice young girl that likes everyone and is good with kids. She is good with other dogs and likes playing with them she can be energetic. She is learning the basic's and does ok on a leash. She still has some puppy in her. She is housebroken, crate trained and knows a doggie door. Details
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