Aussies For Adoption

There may be more dogs to adopt! If available, be sure to click the page number hyperlinks at the bottom to see more.

Case # NameAgeSexDescription 
2015-51RescueRico2MaleRico is a sweet high energy boy that needs rules & a active family. He is good with everyone, loves playing tug or ball with you. He loves going for walks or hiking. He is good with other dogs & likes playing with them, would do best with another dog. Housebroken & crate trained. Needs a high fence Details
2015-46RescueMissy3FemaleMissy is a sweet girl that is good with everyone & would make a great buddy. She is a dominate female with other dogs & has a high herding drive so she needs to be the only dog & no cats. She is smart & likes to play ball or stick with you & loves going for walks. She is housebroken, crate trained. Details
2016-36RescueStella0.11FemaleStella is just 10 mo old, she looks older but is still a puppy in some ways, she is learning socialization outside the house, she is good with other dogs but sometimes tries to boss but likes playing with them & toys. She just needs rules set. She is housebroken, knows a doggie door, crate trained. Details
2016-38RescueManny1.6MaleManny is a very nice boy that loves everyone & especially kids. He is good with other dogs & loves playing with them. Also is good with cats. He would make a great family dog & really needs to have a new home with kids & other dogs to play with. He is housebroken, crate trained. Started on obedience Details
2016-39RescueMarley1.6MaleMarley is a cute small Mini Aussie mix about 1 1/2 yrs old. once he gets to know you he just wants to be with you. He is good with other dogs but doesn't really care about them. He would rather sit on your lap. He is crate trained and housebroken. Walks on a leash well. Older kids better for him. Details
2016-46RescueOakley6FemaleOakley is a sweetheart, loves her people & good with everyone. She is good with other dogs but doesn't really care about playing with them, would rather play Frisbee. She likes swimming in the pool or going for a walk, does well on leash. Ok with cats that are dog savvy. She is housebroken, crates. Details
2016-48RescueMo1MaleMo is a nice boy still a little puppy in him. He is good with everyone but needs some basic obedience. More socialization outside home would be good also. He is good with other dogs and loves playing with them. He is housebroken, knows a doggie door, will crate but doesn't like it. Older kids Details
2016-49RescueRose1FemaleRose is a little Chi that is one of our friends we are helping find a new home. She is a very sweet girl just looking for someone to give her a new furever home. She would love to sit on your lap or go for a walk with you. She is housebroken and crate trained. Details
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