Aussies For Adoption

There may be more dogs to adopt! If available, be sure to click the page number hyperlinks at the bottom to see more.

Case # NameAgeSexDescription 
2000-00RescueMogli5MalePLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MOGLI He slipped his collar in the parking lot at PetsMart at Power & Ray Rd. He is very timid with strangers so he probably won't come to anyone but his foster. If you see him please call Jane 602-930-9384 Details
2012-86RescueMicah Shyanne5FemaleShyanne is a very sweet girl loves everyone. She is easy going just wants to be with you. She does like playing ball. She is good with other dogs & cats. She walks well on a leash & likes car rides. She would be a great family dog & would be happy to go for walks. She loves Kids. Knows a doggie door Details
2013-30RescueRhody1.5MaleRhody's Aussie/Corgi mix, just a little bossy when he meets new people until he gets to know you, needs socialization, he would do better with older kids. He is good with other dogs & likes playing with them. Not good with cats. He knows sit & is good on a leash, knows a doggie door, will crate. Details
2014-50RescueAlex0.6FemaleAlex is a nice 6 mo old Aussie mix pup but very shy & needs more socialization. She loves other dogs & playing with them but just needs someone to go slow with her to help her trust people. She is sweet & with time will come out of her shell. She is crated trained & doing good on house training. Details
2014-59RescueRyla3.5FemaleRyla is a pretty Red girl that is very active & athletic & loves to play Ball and Frisbee. She is good with everyone & other dogs but does need to be introduced, she doesn't like them to get in her face. She knows basics, is good on a leash, housebroken, doggie door & crate trained ADOPTION PENDING Details
2014-75RescueReggie1MaleReggie is a nice boy a little shy at first but really wants your attention he just needs more socialization which we are working on. He loves other dogs. He is learning the basics, he does walk on a leash. He is housebroken, knows a doggie door & is crate trained. Is a active boy. ADOPTION PENDING Details
2014-79RescueHope9FemaleHope is a nice girl good with everyone. She is good with other dogs but also can be bossy if a dog bugs her. She does like to go out & run around the yard when the others play ball but she just plays chase. She knows basic command & walks well on a leash. She is housebroken & crate trained. Details
2014-82RescueRosie1FemaleRosie is one of the dogs we took from Prescott YHS that came from a hoarder & is very under Socialized & is still very shy with strangers, she is walking on a leash but needs to get out more to get more confidence. She is good with other dogs, is housebroken, knows a doggie door & is crate trained. Details
2014-84RescueBojangles6MaleBojangles is a very sweet boy, loves everyone. He loves to play ball with you. He is good with other dogs. He knows basic commands, walks well on a leash and loves to go for walks or hikes. He is happy just to be with you and included in family activities. He is housebroken and knows a doggie door. Details
2014-88RescueSparkle0.6FemaleSparkle is one of our Aussie Friends that we are helping to find a furever home. She is 6 mo old so still a puppy & learning new things. She is good with everyone & likes playing with the other dogs. She also likes to cuddle. Is crate trained & doing good on her house training & uses a doggie door. Details
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